About us

"Our hope is that the TA-DAA box will help to reduce the multitude of single use cardboard boxes, while adding a very unique and festive aspect to every one of your special celebrations"


We are a brand-new Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based company that happened upon our TA-DAA box idea when we found ourselves in a moment of need for a product that we soon discovered did not in fact exist – and so we designed it ourselves!

Back in May of 2018, we needed a multi-use container/box to help us surprise a loved one with a special cake. So, we looked for a container that was pretty, practical, and reusable, somewhat like a gift bag, but in box version. After going out on an extensive search and not finding anything that filled our needs and expectations, we arrived back to our home feeling a bit deflated. However, as we walked through the lobby of our complex, we noticed a very basic, perfectly squared cardboard box which was left on the coffee table for any to use, so we rescued it to see if we could somehow make it work for our special cake the way that we had envisioned.

We quickly put on our creative thinking caps and got busy designing our collective vision with the help of this simple, found box. The resulting creation at this point was a rather plain, previously used cardboard box that we had cleaned up, and then cut the sides open to make it easier to put the cake in without risking any damage to it. We then covered the interior with aluminum foil to make it more sanitary, and soon discovered that this setup was absolutely astonishing once we lit the candles on the cake and saw the beautiful reflective effect that the aluminum foil created.

Needless to say, our first reveal made quite an impression! We certainly could not ignore the “ooooos!" and "ahhhhs!” that came from everyone at the party when we revealed the cake. It was then and there that we decided to explore having our box effectively reproduced so that everyone else who creates specialty cakes, breads or cupcakes would also have the option of presenting their creations in such an amazingly spectacular way. When revealing our cake, we used the expression "TA-DAAAAAA!!!” which instantly became the name of our new product... the TA-DAA box!

We purposely constructed the box so that it could fold flat for easy and minimal storage when not in use. To aid in the safe and effective transportation of the box and its contents, we added beautiful jewel-toned fabric ribbons which offer both function and beauty. These decorative ribbons help in securing the box flaps tightly together, as well as becoming the carry handle for the box. Not only our box is practical, but it is also beautiful - it looks like a gift holding a gift! We absolutely fell in love with our TA-DAA box.

We soon succeeded in obtaining our patent for both Canada and the USA, as well as securing Design Protection in other parts of the world. We then worked together with a design company to come up with a workable, practical, and reproducible TA-DAA box, which then introduced us to a manufacturer who was able to fulfil all our requirements from concept to the finished product that you see here.

We truly believe that this is the start of something very special. We did our best to bring this idea to life while being conscious of our eco footprint upon Mother Nature. Our hope is that the TA-DAA box will help to reduce the multitude of single use cardboard boxes, while adding a very unique and festive aspect to every one of your special celebrations. After 4 years of preparation, we are now very pleased and proud to offer the TA-DAA box for sale in the retail and commercial markets.

We cannot go without saying that it is also our hope that you will enjoy creating joyful memories when revealing your baking masterpieces at special events with the TA-DAA box as much as we do.

With infinite gratitude and kindest regards,

Julie and Sheldon
JAMMPCO | Owners